Dad charged with homicide in foster daughter's death

By Kevin Parrish

STOCKTON - A 37-year-old Stockton man, accused in the "shaken baby" death of a foster child, had his bail raised to $2.2 million Tuesday.
The criminal complaint against Paul Teldeschi also has been amended. He is now being charged with assault "by means of force ... resulting in the child's death."
It is a homicide charge involving criminally abusive conduct against children under the age of 8, according to the California Penal Code.
If convicted, Teldeschi could face 25 years to life in state prison.
In a 30-second hearing before Superior Court Judge Franklin Stephenson, Teldeschi entered a plea of "not guilty."
A July 8 hearing was scheduled to establish a date for his preliminary hearing. Teldeschi is represented by attorney John Noonan of Pleasanton.
He is being prosecuted by San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Edward Garvey.
"The difference between this crime and other homicides, such as first-degree murder, is malice aforethought," said Garvey. "This charge is about willfully inflicting abuse on a child resulting in great bodily harm."
On March 30, emergency personnel responded to a call from the Teldeschi home on Cleveland Street. Eleven-month-old Prinsess, according to a Stockton Police Department search-warrant affidavit, was in cardiac arrest. Teldeschi was arrested in mid-April and Prinsess died May 9 at Children's Hospital Oakland, where she had been airlifted.
Before the death, Teldeschi faced lesser child-abuse charges and was being held on $1.2 million bail.
Her injuries, according to the criminal complaint, included "traumatic brain injury/subdural hematoma," a "fractured clavicle," 13 broken ribs and "traumatic spinal injury."
Doctors and medical personnel who examined the baby said she was "a clear-cut case of shaken baby syndrome."
Stockton police and the District Attorney's Office continue to wait for the final autopsy records from Children's Hospital.