Foster Child Death Investigation Continues; Community Frustrated

by Mikaya Thurmond

More than two months after an investigation began, questions still remain in the death of North Georgia foster child. As a community is left questioning, we started following leads, pressing local and state government offices for answers.

With a simple internet search, the writing is on the wall. Hundreds have expressing their support in hopes of finding justice for Sahara.

"If it was your child you'd be wanting it to.. Nobody would want to wait 60-70 days for an answer. Nobody would that's just not right," says Ringgold resident, Curtis Brown.

The two year old girl we first introduced to you as Sahara Palmer, also goes by the name of Saharah Weatherspoon. But no matter how you spell it, community members are demanding answers. "That should take less than a week. If we're always worried and kids. Why not worry about a kid that died," says Brown.

Police say it all started New Year's Day, when Clara Edwards claimed that Saharah fell two different times that day, hitting her head. It was in this condition that Edwards brought the child to the Children's hospital at Erlanger. But exactly nine weeks after the girl's death, no cause has been determined.

"They need to check on that they need to not take so long processing that. I'd be on the doorstep pounding on some doors," says Sue Cain. So, that's exactly what we did. Our first stop was in search of Edwards, who didn't appear to be home. Next, we tried the Catoosa county coroner, who only disclosed that  the autopsy is "pending."

Some residents don't think those answers are enough. "I don't like the word pending at all they should take care of it right now," adds Sue Cain.

The Catoosa county sheriff's office gave us an updated report stating that the investigation is still open and the GBI tell us there were no new developments in the case.