Baby in foster care dies after visit to biological mother

Michele Fiore

KENOSHA - Authorities say it's been more than a decade since they've seen a case like this.  A baby boy in foster care dies after a visit with his biological mother.  The baby was living with a family in Kenosha, but his biological mother noticed something was wrong during a visit last week.
The little boy died on March 13th at Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha, but information is still scarce.  We do know Kenosha police are investigating and sent detectives to Aurora Medical Center to find out what happened.
 It's a sensitive case that no one is saying much about right now. A one year old boy, living with a foster family in Kenosha is now dead.  The only official document we were able to get is from the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.  It shows he'd been taken from his family and placed in "out of home care" by the agency.  Now, they're investigating his death for possible maltreatment.
 Police tell us the biological mother lives in Pleasant Prairie and it was on a visit with her that she noticed something was terribly wrong and rushed her baby to the hospital.
 What we don't know is the timeline. How long did she have the baby? Did she just pick him up from foster care or had they been together for several hours? And one more question, were her visits supervised?
 The unexplained death of a one year old is shocking parents of little ones in Pleasant Prairie and in Kenosha.  Chris Constabileo has a seven month old and says before she got pregnant, she'd considered being a foster mom.
 "So I'd imagine as anything, there's good and there's bad unfortunately, ya know, and that's why I was saying I wonder you know, the screening process, how well is it, how does it compare to adoption 'cause I know that's hard," said Constabileo.
 The Kenosha police department is investigating, along with the Racine County Human Services Department. The director told us it's a rare situation, and their investigation could take up to 60 days to complete.
 No charges have been filed yet, and since we won't know the results from some of the medical tests done on the baby for several months, it seems, it could take a long time before we know what happened.