Foster mother pleads guilty to child abuse

PHOENIX -- A former foster parent in Phoenix has pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse.

Alma Holland, 56, and her husband were arrested in Oct. 2012.

Steven Holland, 53, is accused of sexual conduct with a minor, furnishing obscene material to a minor, child molestation, sexual abuse and unlawful videotaping.

Alma Holland was accused of failing to report the crimes.

In September 2011, a 4-year-old boy told his daycare that he was molested by his foster parent, Steven Holland. The information was reported to the Phoenix Police Department and Child Protective Services.

Detectives began an investigation into the allegation but said there was insufficient evidence at the time to make an arrest.

Shortly after the initial disclosure by the boy, detectives learned of another victim and began a thorough investigation into the number of children under the couple's care while they were foster parents.

Over the last 12 months, detectives identified seven victims of various crimes. Martos said some of the victims were special needs children.