Montana foster dad accused of giving children alcohol, sexually assaulting child

GREAT FALLS - A Great Falls foster parent is accused of giving alcohol to disabled children in his care and their friends and sexually assaulting one of them.
Christopher Wade Lum has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children and one felony count of sexual assault of a child.
Lum, 44, is accused of giving alcohol to several minors - all under the age of 10 - that were in his care as foster children, as well as to two other minors, aged 11 and 15, who visited the home. All three of the children in the Lum home are reported to have disabilities of some type.
The investigation began when one of the children's friends - identified here as X - told his mother that on several occasions he and the other children had been allowed to drink alcohol at Lum's home.
X also told investigators that he occasionally slept over at Lum's house, and that he (X) had slept in Lum's bed with him on one occasion, and that Lum had touched X's penis.
When questioned by police, Lum admitted giving alcohol to X and another boy who was 15 years old.
Lum also admitted that X slept in the bed with him on one occasion but denied ever touching X's penis, although court documents state that Lum admitted it was "possible" that it happened.
Prosecutors have requested that bail be set at $20,000 for Lum.