Candiotti: Foster mom's story 'just didn’t add up'

In 2004, Rilya Wilson's disappearance made national headlines, and CNN's Susan Candiotti sat down with the child's foster mom Geralyn Graham to discuss what happened to the child.
At the time, Graham was not charged in the death of Rilya.
Wilson disappeared more than a decade ago when she was just 4 years old, and Graham is now on trial for first-degree murder.
Candiotti said that Graham's story did not add up in 2004. Graham told Candiotti that an unidentified caseworker took Rilya, and the foster mother insisted that she took good care of the child.
"She was unable to give a description of the people that [supposedly] took the girl away, she didn’t take down their name, had no idea what happened to her … she couldn’t fill out a description," Candiotti said. "Police later found a dog cage [in the home] – they had no dog."
A child welfare worker was supposed to be periodically checking in on the child at the Graham home. However, the caseworker did not check on the child for more than a year and falsified reports that said Rilya was in good condition.
It took authorities more than a year to realize Rilya was missing. Rilya's body has never been found.