6 Investigates Follow-up: Foster Child Injured

CORPUS CHRISTI - We have new information on a 2-year-old girl who police say was the victim of severe child abuse at the hands of her foster father. Irving Eugene Patrick was arrested Wednesday on charges of injuring a child.

6 News obtained a copy of the arrest warrant, which details some pretty serious injuries to the young girl. It says she had burns on her chest and arms, injuries to her head and brain, and two broken ribs. Many of these injuries seem like they've been occuring over time, not just something that happened all at once.

The document says that doctors found, "abusive head trauma from someone using excessive force on her." They also said she was suffering from brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

We tried to talk with Patrick at his home today. We wanted to know how a young girl in his foster care could get so badly hurt. No one answered his door.

It all began a couple of weeks ago when Patrick called 911. He told police he saw the young girl lying face down on the living room floor. Police took her to the emergency room at Driscoll Children's Hospital and that's when doctors began to notice the serious injuries.

According to the arrest warrant, Patrick could not explain to hospital officials how the child was hurt, but during questioning later by police, he told a detective he noticed the child trying to burp. He says he wrapped his hands around her rip cage and squeezed. Then he tried to give her CPR.

The document says Patrick went on to say that while she "was in his arms, her head fell to the left. He then struck the left side of her head with an open hand twice."

The arrest warrant also says that Child Protective Services contacted the detective about something the victim's 3-year-old sister told her foster mother. The report says the child said, "Uncle Irving shook {victim} because she would not go to sleep."

Patrick is still in jail. No court date has been set.