Infant's parents want answers after death in Staten Island foster home

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The mom of a six-month-old who died Monday night after being placed into a Concord foster home is demanding someone be held responsible for her young daughter's death.

"The last time me and her father had seen her there was absolutely nothing wrong with her," said Nicole Fair, 22, of New Brighton.

Ms. Fair's daughter, Genesis Monge, died Monday night, after police responding to a 911 call found her feverish and unresponsive inside the 236 Steuben St. home of her foster mother.

"I'm numb. I'm going through my everyday life, but I'm not really there. It's hard to lose my 6-month-old angel. I was starting to prepare for her first birthday."

Though police do not believe foul play was involved, the city medical examiner's office Tuesday said more testing would be needed to determine the young girl's cause of death.

Ms. Fair said she lost custody of Genesis and her two-year-old daughter, Novella, because of repeated domestic violence incidents between her and her boyfriend, William Monge. Both have arrest records stemming from past domestic violence cases.

"My daughter's dead and they don't know how she died," said the young girl's father, William Monge. "It wasn't SIDS ... Something happened."

Ms. Fair also railed against the city's Administration for Children's Services, and the Seaman's Society for Children and Families, the foster agency, and questioned the ACS decision not to place the girls with other family members.

"William has aunts and uncles that would gladly have taken my daughters," she said. "I really feel that if my girls were with family members, this wouldn't have happened."

Police sources say the woman has been a foster parent for more than two decades without any past problems.

ACS representatives issued the following statement this afternoon: "ACS, along with the NYPD, is investigating the terribly sad death of the 6 month-old girl in Staten Island and the circumstances that led to this tragedy."

A representative of the Seaman's Society didn't immediately return a message today.

No one answered the door at the foster family's home this afternoon.