William Green Verdict Puts Foster Care Under Microscope

By KSEE News

Our local foster care programs are fighting a bad rap. Especially after a Fresno jury found a man guilty of having sex with his foster child. Joy Cronin is the deputy director of child welfare services.Today she's having to defend what she does. This after a 33 year old was found guilty of six counts of lewd acts with a 13 year old girl. That girl was a foster child to William Green.

"It also hurts that foster care community," said Cronin.

Theresa Hansen is part of the Child Focus Team. She's been a foster mother for 16 years, helping 80 children. Her job is to visit the homes these children are put into. It's also her job to sense if there's anything wrong.

"The interaction with the foster parent is a good cue," said Hansen.

Between Fresno County and the foster agencies there are more than 600 homes for the children. To become a parent you have to go through over 20 hours of training and that's not including more than 10 sessions of another course. And in between the foster period there are monthly and weekly checkups.