Foster Parents Accused Of Making Kids Eat Vomit

SPERRY, Okla. -- A pair of former foster parents from Osage County has been arrested on various child abuse complaints, according to the county sheriff's office.
Aubrey Stuart Thomas, 58, was arrested on March 2 on suspicion of enabling child abuse. Laura Lee Thomas, 47, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, and sheriff's deputies said they anticipate more arrests. According to the Osage County Sheriff's Office, up to four former foster children were suffering from malnourishment and were punished by being forced to eat bread soaked in dish soap. They were forced to vomit and then eat it, sheriff's deputies said. Investigators said they children were also spanked on their hands and feet, causing swelling. The children were placed in a tub with ice cold water to prevent bruising, according to the sheriff's department. Three of the four children were removed from the home on Oct. 14 by the Department of Human Services so that agents could investigate allegations made against the couple. A fourth child was not living in the Thomas home at the time of the recent arrest, deputies said. Sheriff's deputies said the Thomases had become foster parents in 2001. During the investigation, the Osage County Sheriff's Office learned that the Thomases had fostered up to six children and that two of the were removed from the home in Feb. 2003. The remaining four were the children eventually adopted by the Thomases.