Rodarte Foster Mom Accused of Child Abuse

A Rodarte woman is facing charges of child abuse after her foster daughter was hospitalized in Espanola, The Taos News reported.

Lonnie Fresquez, 22, told State Police she knew her niece and foster daughter was “limping around” but was unaware of the extent of the child’s injuries that allegedly occurred on Dec. 2, The News said.

Fresquez told police she took the child to the doctor after the child woke up screaming in pain, but case workers with the state Children, Youth and Families Department said Fresquez neglected to tell them of the child’s injuries, the paper reported.

According to documents in the case, doctors at Espanola’s Presbyterian Hospital said the child had “multiple fractures that don’t correlate with the story given” and that those fractures were found on both the child’s arms, her collarbone, both hands and the girl’s right femur and tibia, The News said.

Doctors also noted that the child had severe bruising, documents said.

Fresquez also told police that another injury occured when the child bit another family member and was bitten in the face, The News said.