Police: Man Tried To Have Sex With Foster Child

WLKY Speaks With Alleged Victim's Father
By Steve Tellier/WLKY

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Police said a Hardin County man tried to have sex with his own foster child. WLKY News spoke with the victim's father, who he said is still struggling to recover from the experience.
Jimmie Sturgill, 64, is being charged with unlawful transaction with a minor. Police said he sent sexually explicit messages to his foster child through social media sites.
The alleged victim's father said his 15-year-old daughter was placed in Sturgill's care in July 2010. She spent several of those months in silence.
"She wouldn't tell me anything. She just kept changing the subject," said the victim's father, whose identity is concealed to protect his daughter.
But he said the silence was finally broken last month, just before a custody hearing.
"On the day of court, she finally broke down and was crying and told (her mother), 'You need to look at this.' And I lost it right there," he said.
Her father said she showed him a Facebook conversation between Sturgill and the 15-year-old girl, which included the following messages: "You are so ... sexy-looking," "Are you wearing any panties?" and "You know how bad I want you."
When asked what went through his mind when he saw those messages for the first time, the victim's father said, "I couldn't get my hands on him. A 15-year-old girl doesn't need to have that in her life."
Police said Sturgill sent similar messages between last October and June of this year, when the 15-year-old girl was given back to her father. He said the experience has left deep emotional scars.
"Even now, there's times she starts to cry, and walks away, and just goes in her room and hides her face," he said.
He said he also worries about other children who had been in Sturgill's care -- including his own son and two stepdaughters.
"He foster cared for over 100 kids. What about these other kids? What about what they're going through, too?" he said.
As for Sturgill, the victim's father did not mince words.
"I want him to go to prison. I want my kids to get satisfaction that he pays for what he did," he said.
Sturgill is currently free on bond. He is next due in court next week.