Foster mom hopes abuse case won't cause more red tape

There is new information linked to a high profile abuse case involving two foster parents charged with child endangering.

Lee Ann and Christopher Henry's son is also facing charges, accused of beating up a sibling. The teen faced a judge today in juvenile court. He's locked up at the Lucas County jail. His next court day is August 30.

In the meantime, a different foster family is speaking out about their concerns over this case.

Wendy Hoodlebrink is a foster parent through Lucas County. She says she's cared for numerous foster children with great success.

"We take a lot of kids out of the city, and they come out here, and it's a total different life for them," she says. "A lot of the kids haven't been in cars, they haven't seen cows, they haven't seen tractors"

She also has nine adopted children. The Hoodlebrinks have been fostering children for 21 years

Wendy says she was upset to hear about the alleged neglect by Lee Ann and Christopher Henry.

The Henrys, who have fostered many children, are charged with child endangering. The charges are not in connection with any foster children. They're accused of neglecting their handicapped adopted daughter

"I don't think somebody should be able to adopt a handicapped child if your house is not handicapped accessible. Those things I feel the agency should have helped them get that in place, to make that easier. For a handicapped child, that's your life, that's your whole life, what you chose to do for that child, and you need to do the best that you can," Wendy says. "If you can't do it, then you need to call out and get some help."

Sources tell 13abc that the Henrys' home was not handicap accessible

The Hoodlebrinks fear this case could create more red tape for current and potential foster parents

"I think there will be more on-the-spot checks coming in, and I think it's very difficult. Each foster home has their own foster case worker that surveys their home and does their home," Wendy says. "You do develop a bond with that person, and just like you would with anybody and I can see that becoming a problem between a foster parent and foster worker."