A foster child with cerebral palsy

A foster child with cerebral palsy was removed from her parent's home. Now, her adoptive parents are charged with child endangering. A Lucas County grand jury handed down the indictment Wednesday afternoon.

A foster parent who trains other parents on how to be good parents is accused of neglecting her handicapped daughter. Lucas County Children Services touted one of their foster parents, Lee Anne Henry as one of the best.

In 1999, the Henrys were foster parents of the year. But now, Mrs. Henry and her husband, Christopher, are accused of abusing their adoptive daughter who has cerebral palsy.

In May, a complaint was filed with the Children Services and police. The executive director for Lucas County Children Services, Dean Sparks, says investigators went to the Henry's home in the 3000 block of Brock and found it in deplorable conditions.

Sources tell 13abc that the 17 year old girl was forced to sleep by the back door, if she wet herself she was allegedly beat, and she was forced to eat her meals on the floor.

Sparks says Washington Local school administrators even expressed concern about the young handicapped girl's living conditions. Sparks says the handicapped teen didn't have a wheelchair that fit her.

Sources tell 13abc there have been nine complaints reported to Children Services about the Henrys. Sparks says those complaints were not backed up. The Henrys voluntarily gave up their 17 year old daughter while the case is open. They have 6 other adopted children.

Sparks admits he's concerned his employees may have dropped the ball in this case. He says his staff needs additional training. Sparks says as of last week, the Henrys turned in their foster parenting license and withdrew from the program.