Foster Care Abuse Lawsuit Seeks Damages From Placement Agency

Jonathan Rosenfeldon July 29, 2011

Three young men who allege to have been sexually abused by their foster care father have filed civil lawsuits against both the individual and the foster care placement company.
The foster care father, faces criminal charges for the sexual abuse of seven adolescent boys at his Last Chance Farm compound. The man and his wife were part of Mentor Maryland, an organization that provides foster care to children and adolescents with: mental disabilities, at-risk children and people with brain and spinal cord injuries.
The lawsuits all allege that Mentor Maryland was negligent for failing to take action after they had notice of the alleged acts of involving sexual abuse from children under the care of the same foster care parent. If found negligent, the foster care agency may face a substantial payout to these young victims of abuse.

Foster Care Agencies Duty To Protect Children
Children and adolescents involved in foster care programs frequently come from troubled backgrounds where they may already been exposed to physical or emotional abuse that will impact them during their development. When placed into a foster care environment, they should have every expectation--- and assurance that such misery will not be perpetrated against them on another occasion.
Foster care agencies are indeed in the best position to ensure the well being of the children in their program. Most foster care agencies have strict policies concerning the training of foster care parent, placement of children into foster care environments and monitoring the monitoring each child as they develop.
Having worked on a number of foster care abuse cases, I've seen case workers grossly overworked and inadequately trained in how to detect potential mistreatment. Moreover, policies to protect children in foster care get ignored.