5 years later: foster child still missing, case runs cold

North Las Vegas (KTNV) -- A child who vanished from her foster home 5 years ago remains missing and police say their investigation has run cold.

Everlyse Cabrera was just 2 years old when she disappeared from that home near Clayton and Centennial Parkway. If still alive today, she would be 7.

For weeks in June of 2006, Cabrera's biological parents cried and plead for answers. Dozens of neighbors joined police to knock on doors and search the neighborhood.

"For any detectives who were out on this case, this case is still at the very forefront of our minds all the time," says Officer Chrissie Coon of the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The foster family has since moved away from this North Las Vegas home, but Everlyse's biological mom tells Action News that she still believes they know something.

"Those people do know where Everlyse is or know what happened to her," says Marlena Olivas. "Honestly, I pray for those people. I pray for them. I pray that their hearts will soften and they will admit whatever they did wrong."

Those foster parents, the Carrascals, were heavily criticized at the time Cabrera went missing for not being more cooperative with police.

Neighbors protested in front of the home and things got so heated, the Carrascals filed a restraining order against their neighbors.

"They were investigated pretty heavily at the forefront," says Officer Coon.

But no hard evidence could be found to link them to Cabrera's disappearance.

Since then, the case has run cold. Police say they haven't had a new lead in about a year.

"Right now this is a cold missing case file," says Officer Coon. "There have been no new leads recently for the detectives to work at all."

But Cabrera's biological mom, who has since moved away, says she isn't giving up hope that one day her little girl will be found.

"I truly believe that God has her somewhere," says Olivas. "I think that's the biggest part of it to keep going on everyday is knowing that God is protecting her."

Cabrera's family sued the Clark County foster system for failing to keep their daughter safe and the case was settled out of court.

As part of that deal, there remains a $15,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this cold case.

The Irish Times - Saturday, June 11, 2011