Report finds DHS mismanagement puts children at risk of harm

Children's Rights, a child advocacy group out of New York, sued DHS saying the state's foster care system is broken.
Since filling the suit, Children's Rights has hired a number of experts to examine DHS's practices and policies.
On Monday, Children's Rights released two reports from experts that it had hired.
Viola Miller, a former Tennessee children's services commissioner, examined the agency's management structure. She looked at thousands of pages of DHS documentation and found failures in the agency's leadership to oversee programs and staffing.
Miller also found that that families weren't reunified with their birth parents in a timely manner and problems with ensuring parents had a regular opportunity to visit with their children in foster care.
The other report was written by a computer expert. It shows failures in the OK DHS's reporting system and found some reports were wrong or outdated.
However, DHS officials question the validity of these reports. They say the reports haven't been validated by another authority. They also say that since these studies are paid for, they're concerned the findings could be slanted in Children's Right's favor.
As far as the computer experts reports, DHS says the claims were completely inaccurate and wrong. DHS says it has its most sophisticated computer system yet.
DHS goes onto say that Children's Rights is know to file lawsuits across the country.